This evaluation kit is intented to give you a fast way to test the SPB228 through the USB or SDIO interfaces.

The kit comes with a pair of antennas and a USB 3.0 cable in addtition to the evaluation board itself.

Please refer to our getting started guides (USB or SDIO interface) to quickly bring the board up and running. If you have any questions, check out the FAQ and if the answer you are looking for is not there, send us an email at support@hd-wireless.se.


The jumpers on the board allow to easily switch between the following interface configurations: Jumpers position

SDIO USB2/3 USB3 only USB2 only
SDIO bus USB2 or USB3 USB3 only USB2 only

Note that you will need to compile and load different drivers if you are switching between the SDIO and USB bus.

SDIO speed

The evaluation board SDIO bus is setup to use 3.3V to operate, for this reason the maximum theorical throughput it can perform over the bus is 200Mbits/s even thought the module itself support SDIO 3.0. Please refer to this page for the full table of SDIO speeds.
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